Are You Ready To Overcome Anxiety, Sadness, And Worry?
Do you have questions about managing fear, grief, and anxiety?
Do you have questions about finding your joy?
Who Is This For?
Are You A Woman Ready For A Change?
  •  Wondering how you can move forward and create your best life?
  •  Longing for more meaning and purpose?
  •  Ready to laugh, feel up, and less overwhelmed by everything?
It Is Possible For You To -
  •  Release the stress caused by angry emotions
  •  Develop strategies to face down anxiety, panic & fear
  •  Banish feelings of anger, sadness, and fatigue
  •  Finally cope with grief & loss
  •  Build confidence in  your abilities & self-worth
  •  Share with another who will understand your difficulties without judgements
Who Am I?
I'm Lynn Chauvin-Bezinque
People often casually ask us the question, "How are you?". This usually made me feel very uncomfortable and in my head I would think, "Not well, not happy, not ok".

But I would smile and reply, "Fine thanks. How are you?"

I felt anxious, alone, and most times sad. I couldn’t remember that last time I had truly laughed.

That was during a difficult time in my life. I felt lost. There was little meaning or purpose. My life lacked passion and definitely a sense of joy. I didn't understand why I felt this way.

At the beginning of that year, my father had passed away. Our relationship was difficult and estranged. I guessed I was left with unresolved issues about him but wasn't able to think about them.

In truth, I was grieving. 

My unhappiness finally pushed me to talk about these feelings with somebody I trusted and who had experience in counseling.

That person helped me talk about my feelings and gave me practical skills to make some changes.

They encouraged me and believed in me.

This support strengthened me and I decided to make changes.

I quit my job to pursue the profession that I loved - counseling. I stopped standing at the edge of living and jumped into a life of connection, learning, and fun.  

That's when everything shifted positively for me.

I no longer felt stuck, fearful or unhappy. I was excited by my life and my future.

Following my passion, I have created a space where I help others feel strong enough to make changes in their lives that moved them forward.

I am excited to help others overcome their fear, anxiety, sadness, and grief and find their path to having passion in their lives.

My life experience and training as a therapist has directly led to my success in guiding women to manage powerful emotions and find their own unique path to the life they want to live.

Sometimes we need someone to help us. I am here to help you move forward and make a change today.

You Are Not Alone.
I am here to help you and I will bring the most current, effective information to make it happen for you.
•    If you are tired of feeling the clench of anxiety and fear
•    If you are grieving, feeling sad
•    If you are a woman who feels lost, confused and stuck.
•    If you feel sadness, irritability, and frustration.
•    If you don’t know who you are anymore.
•    If you’ve forgotten how to laugh.

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On your free call, I will map out the steps you can start taking today to:
•    Realize your path and your purpose
•    Discover your dreams and your joy
•    Find the pure laughter in life again

You can move beyond feeling stuck, trapped and hopeless.

I'll show you how to create lasting changes in your life.

I can help you discover meaning in your life.

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